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Grinch x Tails da Fox :iconhearty394:hearty394 0 0
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Chucky and Tiffany :iconhearty394:hearty394 7 3


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It be a cold, windy night and all da bitches be asleep. Nothing could be heard. Not even a sheep.

Da Grinch was taking a shit and Tails was watching him sexually. Tails started wankin it as da shit hit da water.

Tulls was still going at it. Grinchy winchy farted and let out a small turd came out "o shit that smells fooking gross." The grinch said sniffing. Tails on the other hand, thought it was hawt. Tails INHALED as hard as he could, getting the full wif of the nasty shart.

Tails couldnt take it no moe. "Come here you lil retarded piece of pubic hair." Da Grinch flopped off the toilet and let da shit smell fill da air like a scented candle. Tulls took a turd out and smeared it all over his fur.

"Mmm yeh, theers moar were tat came frum baby." The grinch said smirking then went into the kitchen and started shoving eery food he could find into his mouth. He stuck a corn cob in his booty pipe and went back upstairs. He put his butt in tulls face. "Take et out wit ur mouth. Nice and slow."

"Not b4 I do dis." Tails stuck his peepee in his le grinch's anus and made the corn go farther up him ass. Grinch closed his eyes and farted with each slide of Tails's penis popper. Tails den stopped and used to dig into his butthole with his mouth to get da corn cob out. Tulls face covered with poop;
He tooted in tails's face. "maxxXXXX. GET MY DILDO. MY SHITS TOO SOFT, I CAN'T SHOVE UT IN THIS SQUERL FOX THINGS ASS. " max did as he was asked then later went home and killed himself after seeing all that. Like Christmas now BITCH?! the grinch shoves it in tails's fun hole and didls with his nip nops. "MmmmmmmmMMMHMHMmmh yeah that's the shet" grinch moaned and came out of nowhere.

Da cum smelt like french toast muffins like that time I went to Bath & Body Works with my bitch ex wife. tails was thirsty for moe seasons greetings from the grinch.
"baby, i luv da way u look like weed. Imma smoke you." So tulls killed da grinch and shoved his body in a corn cob pipe and smoked it and felt higher dan Peewee herman.

Picture this. Tulls sitting alone, high and covered in shit. Literall shit. He takes 2 more drags then he's out if grinch. He lays down on the couch down stairs and falls asleep. Never waking up again. And no one missed him. The end c:
Grinch x Tails da Fox
Here's a satirical fanfiction I wrote with my friend, Trysta. No, we weren't high but you would think we were.
Wow! It sure has been a while since I've been on here...

Anyways, here is a brand new picture I drew of the Pokemon, Tsareena! She is one of my favorites from 7th gen!

Also, how are all of you enjoying Sun and Moon? I just beat it two days ago! It's great!
Wow! I haven't been on here in a while! Time to start drawing some new art!


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Hey. Call me ShadyShy. I draw stuff.


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